What is T.I.P?

My main aim of the classes is to make my clients healthier and happier. I like to feel I have have done everything I can to help. But the trouble is, a class is just an hour, and by the time we have fitted in all the exercises in, the banter and some fun in, the time is gone. I have tried setting homework, but we all lead such busy life it is hard to fit any more in, and let's be honest, who likes homework? So how can I make a difference out of class? T.I.P stand for Tailored Incentive Plan, and its aim is to encourage you guys to make simple changes to your life that will help you look how you want, but more importantly, feel happier and healthier. I will set challenges - a mix of nutrition, stress relief, lifestyle changes, workouts etc, and when you have completed the challenge you get a stamp on your card. You can then change those stamps for goodies.

The Goodies

10 stamps
Spiky ball
To help relieve tight muscles and tension
Mini Healthy Nibbles Hamper
A selection of healthy snacks for you to eat on the go
Exercise Band
Enabling you to exercise from home, or rehab an injury

20 stamps
Relax & Unwind DVD
Choose a DVD to receive so you can relax and put your feet up
Healthy Recipe Book
Choose from a selection of titles to inspire your cooking
Foam Roller
Great way to aid recovery and reduce stiffness & injury
Training Diary
To help monitor your progress and spur you on

30 stamps
Birch Box
Treat yourself to some luxury beauty treats
Training Tank or T Shirt
Choose from a selection of motivational or fun tops in your size
Motivational Water Bottle
Great aid to help you drink more

40 stamps
Kettle Bell
So you can train at home ;-)
Maxi Hamper
A huge array of treat & nibbles to keep you going for a fair while
Magazine Subscription
A selection of titles to choose from to relax and unwind with
Smoothie Maker
So you can start your day with a nutritious smoothie

24th June Challenges

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Fitness Test

Complete the home fitness test, and send the results to me to earn 1 T.I.P point and gauge your fitness level.
1 T.I.P point

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Boost Immune Your System

With bugs attacking everyone in this gorgeous weather ;-( it seems a good time to encourage you to boost your immune system. Include one of - garlic, ginger, chillies, goji berries, sweet potatoes, prawns and coconut in to a meal every day, and list the recipes off to me at the end of the week!!
1 T.I.P point

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Step It Up Day

Between now and the end of the weekend (26th June) choose a day to really step up your everyday activity. You can share what you did, or steps etc. Everyone that makes a conscious difference gets -
1 T.I.P point

13th June Challenges

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Your Own Goal

Pick a goal that will improve your health, to work on for this week, so a nice small one.  Can be exercise, stretching, nutrition, sleep, drink, relaxation etc.  Let me know what you are thinking and how you think you might do it
1 T.I.P point

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Make one of your daily snacks either a source of veggies or protein, and send me your favourite suggestions 1 T.I.P point

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Banish Aspartame

Swop your squash for either a juice watered down, water, herbal tea or infused water, and sit the aspartame. With links to increased cancer risks, and sweeteners having a similar effect on your body as sugar, ditch the sweeteners and opt for something different - not easy!!