Don't Dash For Quick Fixes, Instead Change Your LifeStyle.......

If you are looking to lose weight quickly for a holiday in the next couple of weeks, then I am not what you are looking for. But, if you want to make so simple changes to your lifestyle that will make you fitter as well as healthier, happier and energised, then check out what options would suit you best. I offer personal training and small group training from my beautiful studio in Barrington, Cambs. Encompassing my 15 years work in the health & fitness industry and over 10 years in elite sport, I love inspiring clients to lead a more active life, and helping them to be the best they can be.

Our Tailored Incentive Programme is aimed at motivating you to change your lifestyle habits. Each week I set new challenges, and when completed you earn points, which you can swop for goodies.

ActiveStudio is designed to be a tranquil place to train. Only used by myself, you can come and enjoy training in private. You bring your trainers, & I provide the water, hard work & after session healthy bites

If you look around the studio, you may notice some rather strange pieces of kit. The sessions are designed to be effective but also functional for everyday life, helping you to be balanced & robust

You will never repeat the same session, learning something new in every class, which makes sure you are always improving and constantly challenged. There is also plenty of fun & banter to make the time fly

What clients say

Carys' classes are fantastic. I love the variety in every session and the way that Carys adapts the exercises to each individual which has been essential in helping me rebuild the strength in my knee after an ongoing injury.
Carys helped me get my body (and my sanity) back after having my first baby. Her classes are tough but fun and the ActiveMum programme is brilliant. I can't recommend her enough!
'Carys is amazing in so many ways - she's been a big helper and encourager throughout my mission to get fit after giving birth to my beautiful son. What makes her so special is that she really listens to all my wants. Since I started training with her I am definitely a lot fitter and mentally stronger than pre-baby. I can't thank her enough for all that she's done.
I know of no other class where one undertakes bespoke exercises amongst a small group of friends whilst (in-between the exercises) discussing the latest gossip. Each class is different and each exercise has optional levels so you can choose how much you want to push yourself. Carys' style is positive and realistic, encouraging us all to do that bit extra and ensuring that our postures are good.