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Weight loss

7 Ways To Beat The Belly Wihtout Dieting


With new diets, ‘fabulous’ dieting pills and potions, and new workouts appearing all the time, it can be very confusing as to what will actually help you lose weight and beat the belly.  I like to keep it simple, for one reason - you need to stick to it.  Research has shown that most people who lose weight on a diet end up putting it all back on and more!!  Which is gutting after all their hard work losing it in the first place.  So how do you lose weight and keep it off?


How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

portion sizes

Counting calories, sins, or food colours, has been a popular way to lose or maintain weight for years, but making sure you eat a well balanced diet can be so much easier than that, just by using your hand.


8 Ways To Think Yourself Slimmer

Think Slimmer

To lose weight, it is mainly thought that you burn more calories and eat less.  However, hopefully you will be understanding it is a little more complex that that.  You will already have heard me babble on about not all calories being equal, and the nutrient content of each food is more important etc, and hopefully you will have started to appreciate how powerful your mind is in all this, but I thought it might be useful to emphasis it further.  So here are some simple ways to help you lose weight with your mind!!

Only eat when you are hungry
Sounds obvious, but how many of us eat because its time to eat, rather than because we are actually hungry.  Think of hunger on a scale of 1 to 10.  Aim to eat when you are around 2 to 5.  Above 5, and you are not really hungry, and below 2, you have left it too long, and now need to be careful not to over eat, or make less healthy choices as you are so hungry.

Stop eating when you are no longer hungry
Again fairly obvious, but in practice it is a little harder.  Our stomach takes 20min to tell our brain that is it full, by which time, most of us will have over eaten.  So instead, stop eating when you are no longer hungry, and you will then have not over eaten.

Got a craving?  What to do next!!
I am with you with this one, as a chocoholic, it is a tricky area.  There are a couple of options here for you. First one is to have a drink.  Your body may be telling you ‘you are hungry’ when actually you are thirsty.  It also will help you to feel full.  Next up, try a healthier option, so a couple of squares of dark chocolate, or some vegetable crisps, or a healthier biscuit etc.  Finally try distracting yourself by doing something else nice - a walk, a bath, read a book etc.

Out of sight, out of mind
If you know you like a biscuit or 2, or a good old bar of chocolate, there is nothing more challenging on your will power than actually having it in your house.  Bin it, give it away, what ever you fancy, but try not to have it in the house.  That way if you are having a craving, you will have to go out and get it.  If you opt for that little number, walk round the shop and decide if there is something else healthier that you might fancy instead.

Relax more
You may have heard me explain this before, in which case I am sorry to repeat myself, but it is a very important point.  Relaxation is vital to losing weight.  It helps balance out your cortisol levels.  Cortisol is a hormone that tells your body whether to store fat, or burn fat.  Too high levels of cortisol equals fat storage, so make sure you make time to relax.

Emotional Hunger
I don’t know about you, but if I am having a bad day, the chocolate comes out.  We often get confused with physical hunger and emotional hunger.  So if you are having a 'moment', make yourself feel better by picking up the phone to an old friend, going out for a run, opting for a bit of retail therapy, and you'll soon be feeling much better, rather than annoyed with the empty wrapper.

No distractions
If you like to eat in front of the TV or reading the paper - Stop.  By doing so, you are missing vital cues from your body telling you it is filling up.  Aim to put your fork down between mouthfuls, add only a fistful of food to your plate at a time before deciding if you are still hungry for more, and chew, enjoying the taste rather than eating to quickly.

The above are simple easy ways to lose wight and keep it off without having to make huge changes to what you eat!!

Which Diet Is Best?


With a wide range of diets out there, it is hard to know which diet is best.  Today we are going to look at the most popular ones


7 Dos And Don’ts For A Healthier Breakfast


Breakfast is massively underrated in my eyes - regularly missed, quite often badly made, and poor choices.  Let’s be honest, if an alien were to spy on us during breakfast, he would think many of us were mad eating what quite often looks like shredded cardboard.  Breakfast is a great way to start your day as if you eat right, you can curb cravings, reduce snacking during the rest of the day and sneak in some vital vitamins and minerals.  Nearly 3 years ago, after Elly was born, I lost 4 kg of weight, that I had carried for many years, and I believe most of it was down to altering what I ate for breakfast.  So how can you make your breakfast healthier without too much disruption to your lives?


To Weigh Or Not To Weigh, That Is The Question

fat size vs. muscle

For years we have all weighed ourselves, shouting for joy when we have lost a pound or two or shedding the odd tear if we haven’t. Or God forbid, we gain any!!  But before you leap on the scales and set your goals around your weight, let me help you look at some more accurate and effective approaches.  Weighing yourself does exactly what is says on the tin - weighs you.  However it doesn’t differentiate what it is weighing - fat, water, muscle etc.  If you are wanting to lose weight, what you are actually wanting to lose is fat, and build lean muscle which gives you toned arms, legs etc.  Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? Throw hydration levels into the mix and you have another element that can affect your weight.  The more hydrated you are, the more water you have in your body, and therefore the more you weigh which is no bad thing.  So if weighing can give you unclear results, what are your other options?