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How To Actually Stick To This Year's New Years Resolution


As part of my job, goal setting is vital.  I love setting goals with clients and helping them to reach them, but I'll let you into a secret, I'm not so great at setting them for myself.  Many of you will remember my yoga goals!  How many sessions did I achieve - 1 in a whole year!!!  But last year I learnt a valuable lesson about goal setting - it works for me too.  I wanted to change how I worked, so I sat down with my business coach and set clear targets of what I needed to hit and when, and by the end of the year I was where I needed to be and didn't that feel good!  This year I have gone a step further and set goals for every aspect of my life - work, health & fitness, family and enjoyment.  Put your hand up if you are good at setting new year resolutions, but not so great at sticking to them.  Well, here are a few tips that will help guide you towards your dreams.  After all that is what goals should be made up - dreams, leading us nicely into our first tip:


How To Form An Exercise Habit


If you are looking to lose weight and improve your health, did you know the recommended amount of physical exercise is

150 minutes of moderate exercise (brisk walking or cycling) and strength exercises at least 2 times a week.
75 minutes of vigorous exercise (running, fitness classes etc) and again, at least 2 strength sessions a week

With both of these, you can break the amount down into bite size chunks, rather than do it in one sitting.  Do you do the recommended amount?  Getting into an exercise routine is never easy, but once you have mastered it, it becomes way of life, and you'll find it equally hard to break.  The benefits are huge - weight loss, reduces blood pressure, helps you feel happier, helps balance cholesterol, boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of heart and lung disease, and so on.  But how do you get yourself into a habit of exercising regularly?


Exercise Excuses & How to Beat Them

Exercise Excuses

Yes I am a fitness fanatic, a fitness professional and love to train (even on holiday) but that doesn’t mean I don’t lack motivation. There are days were I missed my morning workout, & I have to find the will power to tackle it in the evening, or it’s raining and Bella, the dog is dragging the lead around the house, desperate from me to take her for a run. I can tell you one thing for sure, I always feel so pleased that when I do make the effort and crack that workout, I feel so much better afterwards!! But that doesn’t mean it is easy, especially if you don’t love exercising as much as me, or if it’s your job. So how can you overcome those exercise excuses that like to block your path?? I have listed off the most popular excuses, with some simple strategies to banish those excuses. Check them out here


I Lost My Way, But Found My Way Back

9 ways to get your exercise regime back on track

You may not know, but I had dreams to event full time, compete for Switzerland (don't ask) and ride round Burghley.   I did make one of my dreams, to ride at advanced level, but after a whole host of bad luck, and then having 2 gorgeous girls, my priorities changed.  These dreams did mean that I put myself under immense pressure to ride well all the time, and at each session I had to achieve something.  Now the girls are older, and I am able to ride more regularly, I am back thinking I want to get out there and compete again.  I have a gorgeous home bred 5 year old to ride, amazing facilities and a supportive family.  But I was starting to not enjoy it.  Why? Because I was putting myself under way too much pressure.  Finally the other day, it clicked, why am I doing this?  I am not planning to ride around Burghley, or go to the Olympics, I am doing it because I love it, so what’s the rush, what’s the pressure for?  I finally found something amazing - enjoyment.  Rather than riding to win, or perform well, I can finally say, for the first time since I can remember, that I am riding for pure enjoyment. If she isn't in the mood to school, and I am due to in my schedule, I decide I'll hack.  If it's lashing it down and blowing a gale, we take a day off.  Now you may think this would mean we weren't progressing very well, but actually quite the opposite.  Because we are enjoying it and I am more relaxed, I am riding better and she is finally making progress.  So if you have lost your path, not enjoying what ever exercise you are doing, take a step back and see what you can do to find your mojo again