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Healthy eating

Kid Friendly Lunchbox Tips


My two girls could not be more different when it comes to what they like to eat. One loves the usual kid ‘staple’ foods, whilst the other loves to try anything I am eating. However one thing they are both brilliant at, is avoidance tactics at the table - can I have another drink? I need a pee, It’s too hot, I don’t like it, I’ve had enough, can we watch TV, can I have ketchup? I have pins and noodles (yes thats what they are called in my household), I can’t do it. You get the jist, so when I know they are off for lunch at school or nursery I have to pack very wisely, otherwise I get back a box full of mouse nibbled food. So here are a few of my favourite tactics


The Breakfast Sins


About 2 years ago now I was at a training camp, assessing riders etc, when I noticed a display the nutritionist had done - drinks and their sugar content. She had bought some of the most popular soft drinks, worked out how much sugar was in them, and then stacked the corresponding amount of sugar cubes by each drink. It seriously shocked me