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Shape Up For Summer Simply

Summer Shape Up

As I sit here writing this, the sun is beaming in through my window, warming my face nicely - a sure sign that Spring is here and Summer is on its way.  Many of us see this as a time to kick start their health campaign, ready for our summer holidays.  So now is the time to make changes to your lifestyle, rather than leaving it too close to your holiday and opting for an unhealthy quick fix that will leave you hungry, craving foods and lacking in energy.  Instead there are some easy changes you can make to your lifestyle now that will help you become healthier, have more energy and burn some excess fat.


Healthy Habits For Busy People

Busy healthy habits

Most of us lead busy lives, making it harder to find time to train, easy to grab the less healthy snack or meal, and tricky to unwind and relax.  Earlier this week I read an interesting article by precision nutrition on how we often treat our health with an all or nothing approach, in that we go full swing, eating well and training loads, but when we are busy, we pause it all, planning to take it back up when we are less busy.  Not only does this make it harder to reach your goals, get fit or lose weight, but also our bodies are like formula 1 cars - to get the best out of them, they need careful looking after.  John Berardi talked about having mini healthy habits that you could stick to when busy, so you don’t ‘pause’ your healthy habits, you just turn the dials up or down according to have how much time you have.  So what mini healthy habits can you form?


Tips For A Healthy Winter

Winter Health

As we buckle down into winter, with our first flutters of snow, how can you fight the dreaded office cold or the latest bug from the kids classroom?  Check out some simple, easy ways to boost your immune system, avoid germs and minimise your risk of injury.

Sanitise your phone - As our phones have got smarter, we tend to carry them everywhere, including to the bathroom.  So think what hidden ‘germs’ could be lurking on your screen.  But before you reach for your antibacterial wipe to wipe down the screen, stop!!  You could do more damage than good.  Instead check out this article - 


What Is All The Fuss About 10,000 Steps A Day?

10k steps a day

Fitness watches, smart watches and apps are all the rage at the moment with new ones appearing on the market all the time.  Most of you may know that the recommended daily number of steps is 10,000, but why should you brave the weather, get out of your chair and stride those pavements, just to hit that 10k target?

Health Benefits
To reduce your risk of a stroke, getting diabetes or heart disease, it is recommended that we all do 150 accumulative minutes of moderate exercise a week, which equates to 30 minutes each week day.  10,000 steps a day has been calculated to equate to 30 minutes moderate exercise a day, helping you to hit your target


5 Ways to Reduce Back Pain For Mums

back pain_Fotor_Fotor

You may have read the Daily Express' article in Monday’s Issue on the 4 steps to reducing back pain.  If not, they were looking at the 4 steps experts have come up with to reduce back pain.  Whilst all 4 were very useful, we thought we would help you with the finer detail, so you can implement the 4 steps more effectively.  


Boost Your Immune System


I don't know about you, but as soon as school holidays hit, those pesky colds, stomach bugs and other germs rear their ugly heads.  Sometimes we take them in our stride, whilst at other times it just seems to be one thing after another.  Believe or not, there are many simple steps you can take to improve your immunity and help fight off those germs and feel energised once again.


Wanted - An activemum for 2015


We are looking for a mum to work with and support on their health & fitness journey. With the full support of the activemum team, we want to help a mum reach their goal, and share the experience along the way - think it could be you, read