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Shape Up For Summer Simply

Summer Shape Up

As I sit here writing this, the sun is beaming in through my window, warming my face nicely - a sure sign that Spring is here and Summer is on its way.  Many of us see this as a time to kick start their health campaign, ready for our summer holidays.  So now is the time to make changes to your lifestyle, rather than leaving it too close to your holiday and opting for an unhealthy quick fix that will leave you hungry, craving foods and lacking in energy.  Instead there are some easy changes you can make to your lifestyle now that will help you become healthier, have more energy and burn some excess fat.


What Is All The Fuss About 10,000 Steps A Day?

10k steps a day

Fitness watches, smart watches and apps are all the rage at the moment with new ones appearing on the market all the time.  Most of you may know that the recommended daily number of steps is 10,000, but why should you brave the weather, get out of your chair and stride those pavements, just to hit that 10k target?

Health Benefits
To reduce your risk of a stroke, getting diabetes or heart disease, it is recommended that we all do 150 accumulative minutes of moderate exercise a week, which equates to 30 minutes each week day.  10,000 steps a day has been calculated to equate to 30 minutes moderate exercise a day, helping you to hit your target


7 Ways To Beat The Belly Wihtout Dieting


With new diets, ‘fabulous’ dieting pills and potions, and new workouts appearing all the time, it can be very confusing as to what will actually help you lose weight and beat the belly.  I like to keep it simple, for one reason - you need to stick to it.  Research has shown that most people who lose weight on a diet end up putting it all back on and more!!  Which is gutting after all their hard work losing it in the first place.  So how do you lose weight and keep it off?


How To Form An Exercise Habit


If you are looking to lose weight and improve your health, did you know the recommended amount of physical exercise is

150 minutes of moderate exercise (brisk walking or cycling) and strength exercises at least 2 times a week.
75 minutes of vigorous exercise (running, fitness classes etc) and again, at least 2 strength sessions a week

With both of these, you can break the amount down into bite size chunks, rather than do it in one sitting.  Do you do the recommended amount?  Getting into an exercise routine is never easy, but once you have mastered it, it becomes way of life, and you'll find it equally hard to break.  The benefits are huge - weight loss, reduces blood pressure, helps you feel happier, helps balance cholesterol, boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of heart and lung disease, and so on.  But how do you get yourself into a habit of exercising regularly?


Exercise Excuses & How to Beat Them

Exercise Excuses

Yes I am a fitness fanatic, a fitness professional and love to train (even on holiday) but that doesn’t mean I don’t lack motivation. There are days were I missed my morning workout, & I have to find the will power to tackle it in the evening, or it’s raining and Bella, the dog is dragging the lead around the house, desperate from me to take her for a run. I can tell you one thing for sure, I always feel so pleased that when I do make the effort and crack that workout, I feel so much better afterwards!! But that doesn’t mean it is easy, especially if you don’t love exercising as much as me, or if it’s your job. So how can you overcome those exercise excuses that like to block your path?? I have listed off the most popular excuses, with some simple strategies to banish those excuses. Check them out here


Lean Legs For Summer

Summer Booty-page-0

To Weigh Or Not To Weigh, That Is The Question

fat size vs. muscle

For years we have all weighed ourselves, shouting for joy when we have lost a pound or two or shedding the odd tear if we haven’t. Or God forbid, we gain any!!  But before you leap on the scales and set your goals around your weight, let me help you look at some more accurate and effective approaches.  Weighing yourself does exactly what is says on the tin - weighs you.  However it doesn’t differentiate what it is weighing - fat, water, muscle etc.  If you are wanting to lose weight, what you are actually wanting to lose is fat, and build lean muscle which gives you toned arms, legs etc.  Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? Throw hydration levels into the mix and you have another element that can affect your weight.  The more hydrated you are, the more water you have in your body, and therefore the more you weigh which is no bad thing.  So if weighing can give you unclear results, what are your other options?


How To Improve Your Posture From Your Desk

Posture UC

We all know that sitting down all day can reduce our flexibility and mobility, as well as reducing our fitness levels and helping us gain a few pounds, but unless you you have a massive career change around the corner or hit the jackpot on the lottery, chances are you will still need to sit at your desk and work.  So what can you do whilst sitting at your desk?


How To Burn Those Christmas Calories Without Going To The Gym

mince pie

Christmas only comes round once a year, so we all like to indulge. However, without realising it, we can have put on a few pounds, so we are share some simple ways to burn off those extra calories without going to the gym

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Wanted - An activemum for 2015


We are looking for a mum to work with and support on their health & fitness journey. With the full support of the activemum team, we want to help a mum reach their goal, and share the experience along the way - think it could be you, read

10 Top Tips To Fuel Your Training Better

10 top tips to fuel your training better-page-0

10 Way To Improve Your Running Through Food

1) Timing
Timing is essential to eating and running. Try not to eat a big meal 2 hours before a run. If you are going for longish run, or fast intervals, try eating a small snack 30min before running, and finally, after running aim to eat 30min. All these allow your body to get all the essential nutrients and energy it needs to run at it’s best

2) Protein
Protein is key to recovery as it helps the muscles repair and regenerate, building new lean muscle as well as may other essential components in our bodies. Protein should make up 25-35% of your daily diet

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Is It All About HIIT


With the press promoting HIIT, documentaries coming out each month on the topic and celebs singing it’s praises, has endurance training disappeared? HIIT is good for muscles tone, extra calorie expenditure, protecting against diabetes and improving strength, but what can endurance training offer?
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