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Nov 2014

What Body Type Are You?

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Your body shape is more than what you look like. It tells you how your body responds to different foods and training methods, but it also gives you information on your metabolic rate through your hormonal and sympathetic nervous system. Once you know what body type you are, you can adjust your eating and training habits accordingly. By doing this you will be able to maximise your results.

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Yummy Healthy Breakfast's For Your Kids


Breakfast can be a nightmare for your kids, with shopping aisles full of brightly coloured boxes full of sugary rubbish, and the healthier options, lets me honest, look pretty boring through kid’s eyes. So how can you help your child make healthy choices for breakfast that will fill them up for longer, and they will enjoy? We have shared some of our favourite recipes to help.


Wanted - An activemum for 2015


We are looking for a mum to work with and support on their health & fitness journey. With the full support of the activemum team, we want to help a mum reach their goal, and share the experience along the way - think it could be you, read

Best Christmas Gifts For ActiveMums

With Christmas only just over a month away, we thought we would share our favourite Christmas list buys for Mums who want to get their health & fitness kick off with a bang.

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10 Top Tips To Fuel Your Training Better

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10 Way To Improve Your Running Through Food

1) Timing
Timing is essential to eating and running. Try not to eat a big meal 2 hours before a run. If you are going for longish run, or fast intervals, try eating a small snack 30min before running, and finally, after running aim to eat 30min. All these allow your body to get all the essential nutrients and energy it needs to run at it’s best

2) Protein
Protein is key to recovery as it helps the muscles repair and regenerate, building new lean muscle as well as may other essential components in our bodies. Protein should make up 25-35% of your daily diet

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5 Ways To De-Stress On The Go


Elly is my youngest, being just over 2, and I have come to realise she is a mini me - loves animals, shy to start but then you can’t shut her up, non-stop and strong willed. In fact she is so strong willed, that I regularly ring my mum to compare who is worse - me or Elly? Take today for example. We were doing well with the ‘get out of the door on time’ challenge - both girls were dressed, hair looking like it had actually been brushed and bags ready. I had even managed to dry my hair and splatter some makeup on, and we were about to head out the door. I was feeling smug - a Monday & I was going to be on time! Until

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Is It All About HIIT


With the press promoting HIIT, documentaries coming out each month on the topic and celebs singing it’s praises, has endurance training disappeared? HIIT is good for muscles tone, extra calorie expenditure, protecting against diabetes and improving strength, but what can endurance training offer?
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