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May 2015

Sneak More Protein Into Your Meals


If you having been following my quest to clean up my food, then you'll know that I have been seriously surprised by my protein levels.  I like to think I eat a fairly high protein diet, but no, that was not the case - a mere 15-20%, which considering I am aiming for 30% is quite far off the mark.  So I have been working out ways to make some simple changes to boost protein levels without overhauling my whole routine!!


How To Help Your Sporty Kids Avoid Injury

High Jum_Fotor

Having kids that love sport or exercising can make life a lot easier when it comes to getting them moving.  However that doesn't mean to say you shouldn't have concerns.  I loved sport as a kid, and did a few hours every day - squash, hockey, riding, running etc.  In fact it was a running joke that I never wore my school uniform at school - just my sports kit.  However, if I have known then what I know now, I would have gone about it all a little differently.


Banana Bread - Gluten Free & No-Added Sugar


I adore this recipe - packed with protein, healthy fats and getting it’s sweetness from the fruit. What’s more it is so easy to make! It is a slightly altered version from the original from WholeFoodSimply. All you need is -


How To Fit Stretching Into Your Busy Life


I recently suffered a hamstring tear, luckily quite a small one.  I am the world’s worst patient, and hate being off games, so I was keen to find out if I could have avoided it.  And the answer was yes, stretch more.  If you have ever met me, you will know that flexibility is not my strong point.  However I felt that I stretch quite a bit - 10min at the end of every session I teach, which I thought totted up to a fair bit.  However, Andy, my lovely physio from
Prime Physio highlighted that the ratio of stretching to working out was out of sync, with too little stretching in my daily routine.  Now like most of you, I don't have much spare time in a day - work, horses, kids, house to run etc, so it got me thinking how could I include some essential stretches as part of my every day routine, with life cues reminding me to do them.  So here is how you can do the same


How To Help Your Kids be More Active


Last week I was fortunate enough to present to a lovely bunch of ladies on Family Fitness for the charity Blue Smile.  Part of my talk was looking at physical activity in kids and how to encourage kids to lead healthier lives.  So over the next 2 weeks I will sum up the the key principles of fitness in kids


Are All Calories Equal?


Most of you will understand that a calorie is the measurement of how much energy food contains and how to measure how much energy we burn up during exercise.  Most diets are based around burning a given number of calories, but is that really the best way for a healthy lifestyle?