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Jun 2015

I Lost My Way, But Found My Way Back

9 ways to get your exercise regime back on track

You may not know, but I had dreams to event full time, compete for Switzerland (don't ask) and ride round Burghley.   I did make one of my dreams, to ride at advanced level, but after a whole host of bad luck, and then having 2 gorgeous girls, my priorities changed.  These dreams did mean that I put myself under immense pressure to ride well all the time, and at each session I had to achieve something.  Now the girls are older, and I am able to ride more regularly, I am back thinking I want to get out there and compete again.  I have a gorgeous home bred 5 year old to ride, amazing facilities and a supportive family.  But I was starting to not enjoy it.  Why? Because I was putting myself under way too much pressure.  Finally the other day, it clicked, why am I doing this?  I am not planning to ride around Burghley, or go to the Olympics, I am doing it because I love it, so what’s the rush, what’s the pressure for?  I finally found something amazing - enjoyment.  Rather than riding to win, or perform well, I can finally say, for the first time since I can remember, that I am riding for pure enjoyment. If she isn't in the mood to school, and I am due to in my schedule, I decide I'll hack.  If it's lashing it down and blowing a gale, we take a day off.  Now you may think this would mean we weren't progressing very well, but actually quite the opposite.  Because we are enjoying it and I am more relaxed, I am riding better and she is finally making progress.  So if you have lost your path, not enjoying what ever exercise you are doing, take a step back and see what you can do to find your mojo again