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Jul 2015

Breakfast Angels - How To Start Your Day Right


This morning I made a series of errors that ended in a major conflict happening before we left the house.

Error number 1 - not eating properly last night
Yesterday was 'Elly & Mummy' day, one of my favourite days of the week.  I have the day off and my youngest and I do 'stuff' together.  She loves it!!  Yesterday we did lunch at our favourite kid friendly place the the moment - The Jolly Postie.  Because I had eaten a main meal at lunch - very unlike me, I wasn't hungry by the kids' tea time.  I got absorbed in work, buying a replacement car (don’t ask!) and generally pushing paper round my desk, so 10 o'clock came and went, and I hadn't had tea.  So I had a yoghurt and went to bed.  I of course, woke up starving this morning.


Post Party Recovery Plan

Postparty recovery

Today has been a day full of the girls teasing out their recorders, screaming with laughter, practising their singing at the top of their voices and wanting to jump all over me.  Sounds like an idyllic Sunday afternoon?  Yes, normally, but when I had just arrived back from  hen do, lacking a little sleep and maybe a glass or 2 too many of the fizz, then I needed a way to get back on form quick.  So I thought I would share some of the most natural ways to get a quick pick up, replenish nutrients, rehydrate and remove those alcohol toxins


Lean Legs For Summer

Summer Booty-page-0

Energy Bites

Energy Bites

As voted on Facebook yesterday, we are sharing our Energy Bar Bites - Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free. I love a recipes thats easy to make, no baking involved and leaves you feeling satisfied.