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Dec 2014

5 Simple Ways To Have A Healthier Christmas


Research has shown that many of us gain a stone before Christmas arrives.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and all the yummy food that comes with it, but how can we make Christmas a little healthier, but still just as much fun?


How To Improve Your Posture From Your Desk

Posture UC

We all know that sitting down all day can reduce our flexibility and mobility, as well as reducing our fitness levels and helping us gain a few pounds, but unless you you have a massive career change around the corner or hit the jackpot on the lottery, chances are you will still need to sit at your desk and work.  So what can you do whilst sitting at your desk?


How You And Your Partner Can Survive Christmas

Carys' family

New Year is well known being the time of the year with the highest divorce rates, so we have asked our resident counsellor, Alex Sigsworth, for her top tips on how to survive Christmas.

Turkey is not just about cooking and eating. To talk turkey also means to discuss frankly and practically. So some tips to survive over the Christmas period


How To Burn Those Christmas Calories Without Going To The Gym

mince pie

Christmas only comes round once a year, so we all like to indulge. However, without realising it, we can have put on a few pounds, so we are share some simple ways to burn off those extra calories without going to the gym

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Running On Your Own Rules


Now I am not a record breaking runner, but I do like to run.  It gives me head space, exercises my dogs and makes me feel brilliant afterwards.  With winter fast approaching, there are some key rules that I like to follow and I thought you might like to learn from my mistakes.