Chocolate Cherry Bites

Protein copy

You may have gathered by now that I LOVE chocolate, and have recently moved from the sweetness of milk chocolate to the heavenliness of dark chocolate. Regularly, after I have trained, I fancy a boost mid morning - nothing too filling, but something I can grab out of the fridge, without feeling a running my lunch. I have rammed these full of natural protein in the form of almonds and peanut butter, and added cherries because they are a great source of natural anti-inflammatories - good for post workouts! They are really easy to make and can be stored for up to a week in the fridge in an air tight container


Protein Brownies


I love a brownie. Locally to us, we have the most amazing brownie maker - Choccolicious. They are divine. I have tried a few healthy brownies in my time, but I wanted to create something that used high protein foods, and as little natural sugar as possible, but still giving it its yummy gooey taste. I have used chocolate protein powder in these, but you could easily swop for cocoa or even better cacao. Cacao is a great ‘pick me up’ if you are feeling low, or fancy something sweet, but without all the sugar and calories. It contains theobromine, which has a similar effect as caffeine.


Blueberry & Banana Bites

Blue Berry Protein cakes

In France they have the most amazing bakeware, from small square bun trays, to shaped chocolate brownie , or bars of healthy fudge. So once back, I was desperate to test them out, and am well chuffed with my new baking trays. The cranberries and dates will help keep your system regular. Add to the mix the eggs and a oat flout, it is also a excellent source of protein


Oats, Cranberries & Almond Hayfever Bites


I created this recipe because it is still rammed with protein, but all through natural sources. Whilst I have no issues adding a good, clean protein powder to food, it is nice to create a high protein snack with natural ingredients. I also have sourced and added honey from a few houses down the road - local honey can combat against hay fever, as well as giving it sweet taste. The oats are not only a good source or protein, but also great for combating constipation and stress.